Adam C. Powell

aka Curbee
 aka 001
aka FM001
aka zer0zer0one

April 27, 1980 – June 24, 2016

Adam Carlton Powell died suddenly on Friday evening, June 24th, 2016 in Huntsville, AL from an apparent heart embolism. He was a loving father and a very talented digital musician. He had just finished his first album set as Zer0zer0one (001) and was getting it ready to publish. He is survived by his son, Cohen Audio Powell, his parents, Carl and Susan Powell, his brother, Lee, and his sister, Claire, all of Huntsville, AL.

Adam was taken too soon and we are convinced he did not intend to leave us. Earlier in the day, he talked on the phone to his Dad and had a pleasant conversation. His Dad was going to see his grandfather and was bringing back a piece of audio equipment for Adam. They discussed the equipment and what it could do. Adam was very excited about trying it out to make more samples for his music. He had also made plans to pick up his son to be with him for the weekend. He laid down to take a nap. After a couple of hours others in the house checked on hm and he was found unresponsive. All efforts to revive him were ineffective. He was pronounced dead at Crestwood Hospital sometime after 8 pm that evening. 

Click Here to access his music that was previously at this location.

UPDATE July 7, 2016 - On Saturday, July 2nd, 2016 about 50 of Adam's friends and family met at Braham Spring Park to celebrate his life and to say goodbye. It was a great time, with 001 music playing while everyone caught up and remembered. Thanks to all who had a part of this event and especially to those who drove many miles to attend. It was good to see so many on whom Adam had an impact!